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Online counseling in Tennessee

Specialist in College Students & Young Adults

I offer online counseling sessions for college students and young adults who are tired of struggling and are ready to find peace. Many of my clients come to me asking for help with coping skills and self esteem. We will do that, and so much more. We’ll work together to stop the cyclical thought patterns of perfectionism, anxiety, and imposter syndrome. Our work together will build your confidence and help you take some of the baby steps you know you have been needing to take.

I have extensive training in proven methods for managing anxiety including CBT and neuroscientific approaches that are effective in helping anxious brains. Many of my past clients experiencing panic attacks have found freedom from the scary episodes that were interfering with their lives.

Since I am a specialist, I maintain a small caseload so I can provide personalized attention to your needs. Our work is confidential, and your privacy is a priority for me.

Sound familiar?

Michelle* is terrified of making a B. She is a straight A student but spends a lot of time thinking about her grades. She is convinced she failed the test she took this morning and now she is sure she’s going to fail the class. Which means she is definitely not going to get a good job after graduation. Her roommate has told her it is going to be okay. Her mom has told her it is going to be okay. But that is confusing to Michelle because this is the same mom that told her in high school that anything less than an A was unacceptable. So great -now she’s confused and a failure. She’s a mess and she doesn’t want to tell anyone because they all have their own problems. They don’t need to be bothered with her stuff. This isn’t even a real problem compared to other people she knows. So she grabs another expensive coffee to help herself feel better. Then feels guilty about spending money on expensive coffee and remembers that she is upset that this professor takes forever to grade tests. And since she probably failed, the cycle starts all over again…

*not an actual client

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Let’s Get Started

We will meet weekly to set you up for success with short term stress management as well as start a momentum for your long term mental health resilience.

My fee is $185 per session.

I am not In Network with insurance companies, but am happy to assist you in utilizing Out of Network benefits.

My hours are in the daytime, Monday – Thursday.

Contact me by phone, email, or by scheduling a 30 minute video consultation.

If you have any questions about having counseling sessions online, please reach out to me at (615) 900-0656.

Together, we’ll work towards a more relaxed, more fun you!

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